CryptoLocker Variant

CryptoLocker Variant Alert

Over the past few days we have noticed an increased circulation of variants of the CryptoLocker Virus, which will infect your computer and encrypt all usable files such as Word Documents, Excel, Access, MYOB, executable files…etc.

This virus will infect the local machine then spread to network drives and encrypt files. The scam involves you paying an amount of money to get a key to unlock the files, with no guarantees.

There is no way to cleanly remove the virus from the machine or decrypt infected files. The only way to restore files would be to restore from a recent backup. The machine would require formatting and reloading from the beginning.

The virus is spread by email, with the malware hidden within the emails. An example is one that says a parcel is ready to be picked up from a local Australia Post office. If you receive such email please delete it immediately.

A few tips to help you stay protected:

  • Please ensure that your backups are working and you have a rotating set of drives or tapes
  • Ensure your Antivirus is up-to-date
  • Be aware of any emails that ask you to reply quickly or act fast
  • If the email is from someone you do not know, do not open it
  • Microsoft Essentials, AVG, and other free AV products should not be used

If you have any urgent concerns regarding this issue, please contact Interlinked on 1300 302 207.

For further information on the CryptoLocker Virus, please click here.