HPE storage crash killed ATO online services

The Australian Tax Office has lost 1PB of data when their HPE storage network crashed in December. The back-up system did not immediately bring the system back up following the outage. As a result, the ATO too their online portals, digital services and website offline stating unspecified “hardware issue”. It also affects ATO’s Siebel CRM and SharePoint leaving many staff unable to perform their work. The ATO has emphasized that no sensitive taxpayer data had been compromised.

It is believed that the collapse of the HPE 3PAR SAN caused the loss of 1PB data. The ATO needed to rebuild the HPE 3PAR SAN and restore from back up.

“We are working with HPE to determine the underlying cause. While these investigations are ongoing, we have had to implement alternative recovery procedures that are taking longer to complete,” acting ATO CIO Steve Hamilton.

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