Telstra is preparing for the next generation of ultra-fast mobile technology: 5G

5G networks will deliver mobile speeds theoretically fast enough to download 600 feature films a minute.

Mike Wright, Telstra’s managing director of networks, said 2G, 3G and 4G technology arrived in Australia having been designed by Europeans for densely populated European countries.

“Our approach [to 5G] is to get in earlier and try to have it modified so it’s more suitable to Australia when it arrives, rather than us have to try to modify it when it gets here,” Mr Wright told BusinessDay.

“We discovered that the way [5G] was being written, we were going to be limited to tens of kilometres for some features, and we’ve been able to get some of those distance limits changed,” he said.

“Something that seems to be unique to Australia, and we found with earlier standards, is how gumtrees impact those radio signals and the way they get from the radio tower to the end user,” Mr Wright said.

“That will influence whether we need additional towers for 5G, whether we reuse the existing towers, whether we use small cells, and then we’ll be looking at applications,” he said.

‘Buffering’ while streaming videos will be a thing of the past with 5G.