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WMS, Data Security & The Cloud | LinkedIn Article by Karl Friesenbichler, Schaefer Systems

LinkedIn Article by Karl Friesenbichler, Schaefer Systems

Leading a WMS application department providing the best product to our customers also comes with the responsibility to think outside the box.

So what is this outside the box thinking that everyone is talking about?

Outside our box

Traditionally a software provider does exactly that, provide software. That means that the customer takes care of IT infrastructure, retention planning and execution as well as backups and data storage.

Outside the box would be to change the idea of the product. To make it a service, take over responsibility and provide a fully rounded product.

The Goal

Thinking about how I can move our product towards being that service I early on figured out that we need to open up and allow partners to step in and let us benefit from their expertise.

We for example are a passionate bunch of nerds, creating awesome WMS software. And when I say we are a passionate bunch I mean all 900 of us. But to establish WAMAS to be exactly that I needed some help, and I found it. Our partner in Australia, Interlinked, is just a perfect fit. First of all, they’re nerds too!

Second, they provided us with a solution that allows us to hand the customer a product and all it’s server and backup infrastructure including a Cloud backup that actually is not only safe but plain cool.

Our backup is now a real time snapshot of our server, onto a backup server and onto a safe data center here in Sydney. That means in case of a server failure we can switch to the backup server, but also run all our services off the cloud until a full hardware recovery is done.

Why so serious?

Why is this important?

This topic, actually a philosophy in nerd talk, is so important to us because we not only create a safe and pretty nifty solution for our customers, but we also create trust. Our customers trust us, simply because they can. They know that their data are safe with us, in any situation, at any time.

Using strong industry leading partners allowed us to concentrate on our passion, developing the best warehouse management software with awesome features, and now more than 1,200 customers.

The learning curve

What is to learn from this?

Well, admit that you’re not perfect in everything and concentrate on your core business. Make this your passion and allow others to add their expertise, and passion, to your product. It’s a win, yes for you, but most importantly for your customers.

My passion, personally, is to lead the best IT team and create awesome software. And if I can add some cool services to my product by others who are driven by the same passion, I let them. That’s how a product becomes a real good service.

Who are we? We’re SSI Schaefer, and our passion is WAMAS.

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