Managed Security

4 Simple Steps to Business Security

While technology advancement is aiding the move away from traditional bricks-and-mortar business models and boosting business expansion, it is also increasing the vulnerability of digital business assets. Main reasons for this include the wide array of different devices used by companies and the increasing complexity of software, presenting new security threats that could mean massive data loss and breaches of important customer information.

However that is not to say that businesses should avoid the use of technology. Rather, it is a reminder that businesses need to be vigilant of threats and implement preventative methods to protect their valuable assets and stay secure.

While there are a multitude of threats that evolve everyday, here are some of the biggest risks to look out for.


Ransomware is one of the most dangerous types of malware, with the ability to infiltrate business networks and block access to a file system, with some variations encrypting files.

Once the files have been encrypted, the ransomware will ask for payment in order to unlock the files. Usually, this is under the guise of a false warning suggesting a trial period for a program has expired.

A recent example is the CryptoLocker virus, which has been in circulation since September 2013. It comes through as an email and has the ability to encrypt all files in your network, with the encryption key released only upon payment.

For more details and examples of CryptoLocker emails click here.

Mobile Vulnerability

The advancement of smart phones has opened these devices up to security threats from malware, which are often not protected as users opt for short pass codes that are susceptible to easy access.

With its prominent use in business, mobile devices are now able to access company files such as emails and business applications, which leaves them open to risk.

4 Ways to Stay Secure

  1. Ensuring data security by implementing an business cloud storage solution ensures that all business data is backed up in case of a network breach or other disaster.
  2. Employ a Managed Antivirus solution to further protect your system and files from attacks and malware.
  3. For mobile devices, secure passwords or two-way authentication will ensure that only the necessary people have access to the devices.
  4. Outside of the mobile device’s internal settings, Enterprise Mobility Management also allows overseeing control of mobile devices for added security measures.

Don’t Delay Security

There is no predicting when and how an attack can occur, and when the entire business is at stake it is vital that you take action immediately.

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