Cloud Changing Lives

How the cloud is changing life as we know it

The cloud has opened up a plethora of opportunities to improve our way of living, in ways that we could only dream of a decade ago. Apps and devices are now readily available to keep track of daily activities, compare our habits to the rest of the world through analysis of big data, and raise alerts when something out of the ordinary occurs.

Think of something as simple as leaving for work in the morning. You know that D’oh! moment when you’re driving out of the driveway, and you see that you left your lights on. Or even worse, getting to work and panicking about whether you locked your door or not. Now there are products to help, such as SmartThings, which allows you to remotely monitor and perform tasks around the house such as locking your doors. Aside from security uses, it can assist with lifestyle improvements as well. Nothing better than going home to a preheated house on a cold winter night.

Keeping track of finances is now easier than ever. Gone are the days of writing down expenses and typing them back into your budgeting spreadsheet when you get home. Apps such as YNAB allow users to enter expenses as they occur through their mobile devices, and these are synced with their accounts through cloud and can be accessed on any other devices signed into the account. Super handy for those with goldfish memory!

The cloud is also dramatically changing the lives of the elderly, helping them live longer, healthier and more fulfilling lives. Car monitoring apps like Automatic are available to assess driving ability by keeping track of the speed, acceleration time, number of hard stops, swerves, etc, as well as monitoring the state of the car and triggering built-in emergency-response features. Cloud-based programs such as medication reminders, Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) and GPS tools ensure the safety and general well-being of seniors living on their own. Cloud-connected refridgerators notify the owner when foods are in low supply by sending a message to you or anyone else informing them that it’s time to go shopping.

Advancement in medical research has seen an increase in the use of cloud services as well. The Michael J. Fox Foundations (MJFF) recently announced a new partnership with Intel to better understand the disease. The chipmaker has built an open-source big data analytics platform utilising the cloud which allows researchers to analyse patient data collected by wearable technology. This assists with overcoming current challenges with battling the disease due to the “variability in the type of people who can get it, the wide-ranging symptoms and how it progresses”, as stated by chief executive of the MJFF, Todd Sherer, “Parkinson’s can be variable, subjective and episodic.”

It is evidently clear that the cloud has enabled technology advancements in a much broader scale than before, helping the world come together and improving lives across the globe.

What cloud technology are you using to assist with everyday tasks? Let us know!