ISM 6.2.92 Data Wipe Method

ISM 6.2.92 is a software based data destruction program to overwrite existing information on a hard drive or other storage device.

The ISM 6.2.92 method will prevent most recovery methods from extracting information whether it be using hardware or software method of recovery.

ISM 6.2.92 is similar to other data wipe methods except that it’s the Australian government’s data sanitization standard.

What Does the ISM 6.2.92 Method Do?

The ISM 6.2.92 data sanitization method is implemented in the following way:

If a drive is under 15 GB in size, the ISM 6.2.92 specifies that the drive being sanitized must be overwritten three times with a random character.

If it didn’t complete properly, the software will prompt you to rerun the pass, or it might do so automatically.

More About ISM 6.2.92

The ISM 6.2.92 sanitization method was originally defined in the Information Security Manual (ISM) issued by the Australian Government.

The latest version of the ISM can be downloaded from the Australian Government Department of Defence website.

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