NEC Xen Topza - End of Support

NEC Xen Topaz has reached End of Support

As of Monday 6th April, 2015, the NEC Xen Topaz phone system has reached End of Support from NEC.

The product was launched in Australia in 2004 and has been a very successful key telephone system for our customers throughout the years.

As it is now in its End of Life, NEC will no longer be providing support or spare parts for this product.

If you are currently using the NEC Xen Topaz, to ensure continued quality of your phone system we highly recommend an upgrade to the NEC SL1100, with many added benefits including:

  • Voice conferencing with up to 4 simultaneous conferences and 32 parties
  • Up to 16 ports of Voicemail support with email notification
  • Mobile Extension
  • SIP Trunk support
  • Remote networking support when out of the office

For further details, please feel free to contact us or give us a ring on 1300 302 207