Powerful features in Microsoft Office 365

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Team collaboration and documentation control

 SharePoint in Office 365 have introduced “co-authoring” where you can collaborate with as many people as you want on documents online. You can physically see the changes as they are being made.

To use this feature:

  1. Click on the top right where it says “share”
  2. Search and invite people to edit the document


  1. Click on the top right where it says “share”
  2. Copy the share link found in the “share dropdown” option and send it to whoever you’d like collaborating on the document

To communication with all the editors:

  1. Click on “email everyone”


  1. Click on “stop sharing”

Link files through email

 Instead of attaching the file to your email, Office 365 allows you to directly link to the file.

By emailing the direct link to the recipient, you give the recipient permission to edit and change the file.

Your notes will appear in your Outlook calendar

You can migrate your OneNote to-do list or planning project into your Outlook calendar. By migrating, you will have the ability to set up reminders, deadlines and keep on track.

To create Outlook tasks in OneNote:

  1. Select the words you like from your pre-made list of tasks
  2. In the menu that appears, click on “Outlook Tasks”
  3. Choose when you want to be reminded
  4. Search in “find tags” for your specific tasks
  5. Once your task is complete, you can click the tag to mark it as complete

 No more email clutter

Microsoft has introduced a folder in Outlook called “Clutter” which can be found in your “Inbox”. By moving less important emails, it will learn and adapt to the pattern to decipher which are important and no so important emails.

The emails will not be deleted and can be viewed at any time.

 Remove yourself out of “reply-all” email conversations

There is now an option called “ignore conversation” where you can remove yourself from “reply-all” emails. The emails will automatically be transferred into your “Deleted Items” folder.

To remove yourself out of “reply-all” email conversations:

  1. Choose an email conversation
  2. Click on “ignore” button in the top left navigation bar

Edit PDF

 You can edit a PDF document in Word:

  1. Choose PDF
  2. Go to “file”
  3. Click on “open in Word”

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