Protect your business in the Cloud

Remember playing with building blocks as a child? Spending hours of effort and concentration, carefully placing each piece into their perfect spots… and VOILA! It’s the best tower you’ve ever built. You spend every waking moment protecting this masterpiece, ensuring that it is safe and kept away from all possible harms.

Only for it to be knocked over by mum’s vacuum cleaner, shattered into a million pieces and impossible to be restored to its initial perfection. You felt angry, distressed, and a great sense of loss. How could this have happened?

Now fast-forward to today, and this time it is not the tower that has been destroyed. It is your valuable business data and information, which you have spent years of hard work to create and build. In the blink of an eye everything you need for your business to run is gone – what do you do now?

Protect Your Business In The Cloud

Disaster can strike at any moment, whether it be theft, a natural disaster or simple human error. With cloud computing, you can add reliable security measures to protect what’s important to your business.

By storing your data remotely either in a hosted server or managed server, housed in a secure data centre, your business is protected against physical theft of data. It also protects your information from system failures or natural disasters, such as a fire or flooding which may destroy all your physical data on-site.

Further to moving to a cloud storage, businesses are also able to use backup and disaster recovery methods to ensure further protection of valuable data and business continuity. Cloud storage provides peace of mind while still allowing flexible access to data for you and your employees, with access available anywhere via the internet.

Take Action Now

Another day without protection is another day your business is exposed to risks. Amongst its many benefits, cloud computing has certainly paved a new path for businesses security – speak to the Interlinked team today to learn more.