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Telstra to add 1,000 Technicians to repair NBN

In order to cope with NBN-related work and reduce the time customer spend waiting for a fault to be repaired, Telstra will hire 1,000 new field technicians.

“We know that sometimes the experience our customers can have when they need a fault fixed or a new service installed can improve and we are building up our resources to do just that,” said Telstra’s executive director customer service delivery, Brian Harcourt.

Service times are unacceptable with residents waiting weeks to have their services restored after extreme weather have wrecked mass damage.

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In the next two years, the national broadband network will be connected to more than 5 million households according to NBN Co.

Telstra has contracts worth hundreds of millions of dollars with NBN Co to maintain connections. Technicians are required to complete a 17-week training program to obtain skills to fix faults on the network.

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