Interlinked Summit 2016

The Summit 2016

The Summit hosted by Interlinked at the Hilton, Sydney has wrapped up and was a success.
Thank you for supporting Interlinked by attending the event.

Interlinked Summit 2016 | Vendors

Feedback from attendees:

“Very worthwhile attending” – Concrete Recyclers
“Very informative and something’s that we can look into to implement (SharePoint)” – Cohenhandler
“Microsoft presentation (especially demo) was very informative” – Arab Bank

Stay one step ahead of potential disasters. Download our Ultimate Disaster Recovery Checklist and our Documentation Retention Summary.

At The Summit, our attendees had exclusive access to a showcase of world class partners such as Datto, Dell, NEC, Microsoft, NetConnect and more.

Our guest speakers presented fascinating demos and insight to where technology is moving:

Interlinked Summit 2016 | Microsoft

Brett Fraser, Microsoft

Digital transformation is becoming the norm. Microsoft have created Office 365 where you can run your business in the cloud and access your data securely from anywhere.
New malware variants are a growing reality with 74% of small and medium sized businesses having reported a data breach.

Dell provide leading edge, advanced threat prevention solution with artificial intelligence and machine learning technology that prevents malware from executing and before it can do any damage. The solution is lightweight and is targeted at businesses that require an effective advanced threat prevention solution. It is easy to setup for businesses that do not have a dedicated IT department. Leveraging algorithmic models and DNA markers, it is easy to deploy, and can be centrally managed via cloud based console, while offering subscription based pricing. This solution stops malicious executables as well as malicious active scripts and PowerShell attacks.

Interlinked Summit 2016 | Dell

Greg Darthoit, DELL

Interlinked Summit 2016 | NEC

Sandy De Luca, NEC

NEC’s solutions for fingerprint scanning, facial recognition, iris scanning, vein geometry and mobile DNA analysis ensure that agencies can accurately and swiftly identify people in the field, within an organisation or at the border. NEC has deployed its identification systems to over 1,000 customers in more than 30 countries.

  • NEC’s core solutions include:
  • LiveScan: digital finger and palm scanning technology
  • Automated Biometric Identification System (ABIS) NeoFace: facial recognition technology
  • Portable DNA Analyser: fully integrated on-scene analysis.
Fines can range up to $10,000 under taxation laws for not keeping proper records.

Document and data retention:

Interlinked Summit 2016 | BWS Lawyers

Anant Bamra, Brown Wright Stein Lawyers

Taxation Law Documents relating to income and expenditure 5 years commencing after records were prepared or obtained, of the completion of the transactions or acts to which the records relate, whichever is the later
Corporations Law Financial Records 7 years after the transactions covered by the records are completed
Employment Law Employee records 7 years after termination of employment
Work, Health and Safety Record of a ‘notifiable incident’ At least 5 years from the day that notice of the incident is given to the regulator
Interlinked Summit 2016 | Datto

James Bergl, Datto

As data is the nucleus of today’s businesses, ransomware has the potential to take out even the most stable businesses in a matter of minutes.

Small to Medium business rely just as heavily on data as bigger organizations, yet they often operate without the proper data protections in place to defend against, prepare for, and recover from ransomware.

Ransomware attacks have become a common, growing occurrence for small businesses around the world. According to IT service providers, the majority of end users aren’t as concerned as they should be, making them even more vulnerable to an infection.

Interlinked Summit 2016

Interlinked Summit 2016

Interlinked Summit 2016

Interlinked Summit 2016

Interlinked Summit 2016

Interlinked Summit 2016

Interlinked Summit 2016

Interlinked Summit 2016

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