iCloud Security

Two-factor verification for Apple iCloud

Following the iCloud hack scandal with photo leaks affecting numerous celebrities, Apple has revived the two-factor verification for its iCloud.

Two-factor verification brings increased security to iCloud by allowing users to tie in a verified SMS number or connected device, making it harder for an unauthorised user to hack an iCloud account even if they have your password or log-in credentials.

How to enable two-factor verification

In order to enable two-step verification, you must have a current password that meets Apple’s minimum standards of 8 characters complete with at least 1 number and 1 capital letter. If you have to change your current password in order to meet this standard, you’ll have a short waiting period before you can enable two-step verification.

  1. Go to appleid.apple.com from the browser on your Mac or PC.
  2. Sign in to the Apple ID you’d like to enable two-step verification for.
  3. Click on Password & Security in the left hand navigation.
  4. Answer the secret questions you’ve previously set up and click on Continue — if you don’t remember them, you can reset them if you have a backup email on file.
  5. Click on Get Started… under the Two-Step Verification section.
  6. As long as you have a device linked to your iCloud account on hand, click Continue on the next screen.
  7. Read the next two screens about two-step verification.
  8. Once finished, click Get Started on the second screen.
  9. Add your current phone number to start the verification process.
  10. Check your phone for a text message and then enter the 4-digit verification code.
  11. After your phone number is verified, a list of connected devices you can verify should appear.
  12. Click on Verify next to the devices you’d like to trust in case you need to use them for two-step verification in the future.
  13. Once you’re done verifying all your devices, click Continue.
  14. The next page gives you your Recovery Key which you’ll need to either print out or write down.
  15. Once you’ve gotten the code written down or printed, click Continue and then verify it by typing it out on the next screen. You won’t be able to continue until you confirm you know the code.
  16. Click Confirm in order to continue.
  17. Click the checkbox to confirm you understand what you’ll need in order to complete two-step verification should you forget your password.
  18. Click Enable two-step verification.
  19. You’ll receive a confirmation that two-step verification has been enabled. Click Done.

For more FAQs about two-factor verification, see the Apple website (here).